How To Give Your Loved One The Perfect Proposal


Today, businesses all over the world pour billions into marketing and inflate the price of their jewellery simply because they have a reputation for luxury and opulence. You can go into a jewellery store and discover that many commonplace, simple engagement rings are mass produced using the same methods and are priced far too high for their actual value. However, there are still ways you can create a truly unique and perfect proposal to your significant other that will put all of that aside and offer them something personally designed by an artist.

The Designer

Working directly with the man who will create your ring is an interesting experience, and you can contact such a designer at This is your opportunity to discover a brand new way of proposing a lifetime of marriage and commitment to the person you love, and you can bring them into the designing process. This will not only ensure that you get the chance to give them the perfect ring, but they will also get to put their tastes and personality into the design.

Step One

Once contacting the creator of your ring and agreeing to the service, you will receive a small, beautiful box containing the precious stones chosen to be placed into the engagement ring. Alongside these will be a small metal ingot designed as a keepsake or pendant, a gift to help your loved one remember the significance of that important question. With the ingot and precious stones come a tiny booklet with an invitation to consult with the designer inside, and this is where the true fun starts.

Designing Your Ring

Upon arriving at the workshop, you will be invited to explore the area, look at the many tools that will be used to create the ring, and sit down with the maker to speak about the many aspects of the appointment. Your significant other is strongly encouraged to join you on this visit, as their opinions hold great weight while you decide on your final design. Choosing the best stones to be placed in the ring may take some education, but the designer will be glad to tell you about diamonds and how each cut can alter the appearance of a ring.

From quality to cut, the maker will help you make the best decision possible, and will go on to check the finger size of your significant other. Together, you and the maker will work up a sketch of the overall design and shapes of the ring, including many classical and modern design options. You will know the exact measurements and look of your ring by the time you leave the appointment, helping you to feel a great deal of excitement while you get ready for its completion afterward.

This is one experience that is unlike anything you can find at a traditional jewellery store, especially if you want to give something unique to your significant other. This should allow you to truly tell them how much you care while helping them get the exact ring you both love. After all, this is a piece of jewellery that will be worn for many years to come, and should thus be absolutely perfect

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